Shades of Grey

Shades of Grey
Oh.em.Gee, I really need new clothes – This is me thinking every single morning when looking into my overflowing closet [wink, wink]. For a girl, its not about how many clothes she has, its about does she has the right one which suits her mood, energy and emotions on that particular day. People say clothes don’t make the woman but they damn sure make her day. On that note,  a perfectly tailored suit is definitely a wardrobe investment. So well, we all ladies look amazing – and just stylish.
Making a traditional formal suit into a trendy outfit is surprisingly easy. Just trade your go-to black pantsuit for a grey option instead. Style a twist on the classic white shirt with a crispy print. Add a pair of classic nude pumps to top-off the outfit. Now this makes the look more polished, and it doesn’t even need additional styling with accessories.Formal suites may sometimes be boring, but we girls never stop trying to play with it.
Suit up Girl!

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