Let me ask you a question – which smartphone do you own? If you are like majority of US either you have an iPhone or one of Samsung model. With world so technically advanced really these are the only two high quality choices. And if you have been using smartphones for years, good chance is that you might have owned both at some point of time, bored with them and already looking for an alternative.

Don’t worry, your search might have an answer and it is GOOGLE (of course google has answer for everyone right). Recently, google launched their new phone called Pixel. This is their first phone in and out made by Google but it doesn’t come with any shortage of features. Its specs are designed to go directly compete against the likes of iPhone and galaxy.

Pixel Hardware Specs

Impressive or not, here are the few reasons why I wouldn’t mind trying this :

1) A product from Google in and out both hardware and software. This is a brand to trust for, already their android is the leading operating system and its this new hardware they have to prove. So half the battle already solved.
2) Seriously, how many times you got “storage full” pop-up during an important
photo click or while taking a video. Considering pixel is coming up with unlimited cloud storage with no resolution resizing, definitely this is a selling point for me.
3) Camera, my most used feature apart from social site apps. Pixel promises to be the best camera ever made for a smartphone
4) Google assistant, I never fully used the voice features in iPhone as it has trouble understanding my Indian Accent. Event presenter was an indian and it responded well to the voice, again i am sold.
5) Fast charging – 7 hours for just 15 minutes of charging. Oh boy, that sounds like a daydreaming.

So, if you are looking for a change from the iPhone & Samsung group probably this is an alternative we can try . Of-course, the phone is yet to be out and I would wait for initial review from the actual users. Because we dont want ourselves burnt down, dont we :).


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