Oval Freak

Hello Beauty addicts,

I spend a fair share of time at the make-up counter, who doesn’t right? Right around the corner of my make-up counter I found my personal favorite oval-shaped makeup brushes (I can hear the romantic music in my head right now). These unusually-shaped hairbrush look-alike makeup brushes sweeping the trend, deserves a heads down thumbs up. So what’s so special about these , you ask?  And how you should use them?


If you aren’t familiar with the oval brush trend, despite their toothbrush-like aesthetics, they’re also super-simple to use. Just apply it to the skin in circular motions, like a kabuki brush. They’re great for blending and evenly applying foundation as well as concealer, highlighter and blush.

I guess I am a smart shopper I went the cheaper route and scouted out a 10 piece set on amazon for about $12.99. You really have nothing to lose by trying, Well may be that $12.99 but if this works out you end up saving in hundreds in long run. I am more than happy with my purchase. They get the job done well — especially for the price!

 It might be worth a try before you pull the trigger on expensive brushes. Artis will cost you just above of $100, other brands like MAC, sell similar, highly-reviewed brushes for half the price.

Are you as impressed by these cool spoon-looking brushes like I did ?

If so, Get these little rascals and join fun.




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