Do you ever have those pals who are so great and always makes u feel fab ? I met few of them this summer. They’re incredibly nice & very comfortable to be with. Am I out of control on praising my pals? Let me wrap this and introduce you to amazing “Pal”azzo.

Palazzo pants are best suited for spring/summer season and can be worn with tank/lace/crop tops/simple shirts etc.

palazzo blue

I go with bright floral high-waisted palazzo and I tuck in a classic striped shirt for a really cute look. Don’t be afraid to pair with a large statement necklace. Keeping the rest of your outfit simple is key. This makes a ridiculously flamboyant summer outfit.

Since I’m so much in love with them and I can’t imagine the stretch of summer days without My palazzo.. I just can’t … It’s like peanut butter without jelly (PBJ)or an Apple Pie with no apple filling..

So Don’t miss your PBJ, apple pie and Palazzo this summer..


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