No-Bake Energy Oat balls

What better way to gain the strength to carry you through a hectic day, may be No-Bake Energy Oat balls will help?

oat balls
No-Bake Energy Oat Balls

Most people think that oats makes a boring food but it certainly doesn’t have to be! These No-Bake Energy Oat balls are tasty and a great click with kids and adults. They are easy to make and serves as go-quick, nutritious and affordable snack. Once you try this, I guarantee, that you will want to taste again.


Oats 1 cup
peanuts ½ cup
cashews ½ cup
Cardamom powder 2 pinch
Dates ½ cup
Raisins ½ cup
brown sugar ½ cup
clarified butter 3 spoons

We can totally customize these energy balls as per your choice, like adding sesame seeds or substituting pecans or almonds instead of cashews.


In a pan dry-roast Peanuts and cashews and transfer into a plate.
And now dry roast oats and transfer into same plate.
Add cardamom powder, dates, raisins, brown sugar and allow them to rest. After few minutes transfer everything into a blender to make coarse powder.
Transfer into bowl and add clarified butter to it. Take small dumpling and form into balls using your hands and make this oat balls.
Now No-Bake Energy Oat balls are ready to serve and delicious!

Don’t trust me. No really, don’t take my word for it. Try it yourself!

Say NO to meat balls and cheers to oat balls..


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