Gladiator, Am I talking about historical epic film Gladiator, which won multiple Academy Awards?

Hmm, no, I guess. Don’t turn down it’s no less than a movie especially for women, who are experimental, unique, and fabulous.

Let me get this straight, the lace-up gladiator sandal is the star of the season and suits every style personality. These fashion staples will look extremely flattering to up the chic-factor. Gladiators add a bit more style and sophistication than flip flops and beach slides do.

It adds a wow factor because there is enough skin showing through the straps to still give a long & leggy illusion. Try to pair it with shorts/ with prints/ with a little black dress/ with a crisp white dress/ with a denim skirt


I personally love pairing it with shorts, turn up your go-to denim shorts with tan or nude or black knee-high gladiator sandals is the perfect way to ease into the bold trend. Style it up simply with the classic T-shirt and elegant gold necklace and bracelets. Wear them with a short summer dress and muted accessories for an effortlessly more casual and urban look… As much as we love clothing, it’s shoes that can really make or break an outfit.

Thankfully, each season marks a fresh chance to clean out your go-to pairs and try some new trends. But these gladiators are ever changing; they are forever and ever…

Go girl; get some “Glad”iator to your beautiful foot…

Stay Trendy











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