Mario Maniac (M²)

Do you have a secret crush? Hmm, Is that a cheeky question to ask ? I don’t think so, Is it a guy/girl you just met, or maybe one of your long-time friends? Hang on, you feel butterflies already, well, we’ve all felt it at some point, if we’re lucky..

What if I tell you my secret now then will you be willing to share yours ? I see his name a lot and it just pops up everywhere I go! Rather it’s on a television, in Xbox, youtube fitness or dance videos.  It’s been coming a lot. It blew my mind, I’m just wondering if there is a ‘name’ for this cause I have never heard of or had such a deep connection.

Childhood Crush: He looks like a baked baby potato, short & huge, and have crazy blue eyes. OMG, he looks adorable with his blue denim overalls over a red t-shirt with a giant hat. He is none other than- needs no introduction MR. SUPER “MARIO”. Oh yeah, its a game. I just can’t get over my childhood crush and how well I played with him! If I added up those days that I pretended to be sick just to stay home to play & spend time with him, now it might look silly but I was extremely fond of him. Believe it or not I got bad grades at school. My parents grounded me and took him away from me..Geez!!!  that was hard, I lost touch with “MARIO”.

My Childhood hero & Teenage Crush

Teenage Crush: I”m not rebelling nor hanging out with questionable kids.. Lucky u dad .. I’m not a troubled teen at all. Then what’s the catch ? Let me clue you I had first teenage crush on my favorite male celebrity, This guy will make me drool with his dimple.Wow! Gosh those deep dimples are the size of Olympic swimming pool where I can dive or he could even serve drinks in those beautiful hollow treasures, When he smile I can even jump in that dimple which looks like a compact cereal bowl.His grin makes me blush.  OMG, staring at this guy means loosing my mind just like picking and sending a creepiest emoji to your friend without knowing what it is. He is a Host, Fitness Guru & Handsome Actor Mario Lopez.

I devoted my time just watching his show endlessly – result bad grades again at school. Then one day finally, my dad took away my tv, I almost broke down in tears. For the second time in my life, I missed Mario again..

Adult Crush: Somebody said Zits would never return after high school and that’s a crap. I still have to deal with adult acne.. Wait, What am i doing? should i be talking about crush or acne here? Am I wandering away from the topic.Let me gets this straight.. Mario again in my life.. How come ?

I’m a proud pimple popper , Honestly when I see the zits on my face, feel like my world is ending. There’s always an internal debate happening within myself, to pop or not to pop the pimple? It’s super hard not to do this..I’ve tried all the weird home remedies from turmeric,  tooth paste, I’ve put EVERYTHING on my face. It ain’t work.. Whenever you see amazing ‘before & after’ shots on skin care commercials, I’m like stop bull s*****g us..We ain’t no fool any more..

Mario Again: I’ve had these annoying pimples on my cheeks that I couldn’t get rid off. I decided to invest $17 into this little guy Mario Badescu Drying Lotion . It’s been about 3 months since I’ve been using it, and I have to say that it is GREAT. Pimples shrunk effectively  and this small bottle goes a long way. I’m always sure to have it on-hand. You can buy this either in amazon or ulta..To use this product is super easy! Just take a q-tip and dip it in the pink sediment at the bottom.

Mario Badescu
Zit Zapper

DO NOT SHAKE! This product may take few days to really dry out the pimples. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see results overnight but after just 2 or 3 applications you should see a difference! Put it on overnight as a spot treatment and when you wake up the problem area is noticeably smaller in size. It might not be able to help old pimples and dark spots. Try on new fresh pimples.. Who doesn’t love pimple free face?

Disclaimer ::

This is a personal blog written and edited by myself.All opinions expressed are based on my personal experiences not those of any advertiser, company, affiliate or group. I am not a beauty professional, makeup artist, medical doctor or expert in any field. Please do not consider my opinions to be substitutes for sound professional advice. I am just someone who loves to write.


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