Forever 20

Hold your thoughts, this post is not about the younger version of the store ‘Forever 21’. OK, then what is this about? First of all, Let me ask you a question – What strikes your mind when you hear the name Jack?

  • Jack and Jill, popular Nursery Rhyme
  • Jack the ripper, infamous serial killer
  • Jack Sparrow of Pirates of the Caribbean or
  • Jack Daniels, of course you know what it is.

Based on your age and taste you might think one or the other, but to me the name Jack always brings back memory of this 20 year old cute guy named Jack Dawson from Titanic. This Jack character played by Leonardo DiCaprio was stunningly attractive but still can make my heart skip a beat. His hairstyle was so awesome and smile was so perfect. Titanic ship sank in the sea at the end, but I was drowned in his beautiful eyes ever since the movie start. Just like how Jack got frozen in the end, his cute image too got frozen in my mind.

Mr. Blue Eyes

Over the years, I have seen him turned from playing lover boy character to a more matured and even villainous character like the one in ‘Django Unchained‘. He have performed brilliantly and at times dominated the screen even when acting along the greats like Tom Hanks, Matt Damon and Johnny Depp. He became the favorite for great directors like Martin Scorsese, Nolan and Quentin Tarantino. He won the Golden Globe recently and even being widely appreciated for his role in ‘The Revenant’. After being repeatedly nominated for Oscars, finally I pray that he would get this time…

I will be watching Oscars, only to see if Mr.DiCaprio takes this little golden guy to home. If he didn’t, I would be so displeased and guess maybe Jack Dawson would go home with Jack Daniels then. 

One final thought, he should give a pause to dark roles and should prefer lighthearted characters like Jack. Come back Jack.. Come back.


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