How low can you go ?

I was asked to name some green color items.. Emerald, Tennis ball, Hulk, Grass, Earth (wait, it might look blue from outer space but won’t we still call it as Green Earth?), green leafy vegetables and almost everything on St. Patrick’s day, But if someone asks me to give a list now, the first item that would pop-up in my mind is the tiny green capsules prescribed to me for Vitamin D deficiency.

Tiny Hulk-50,000 IU

Here is what happened next, what I’ve learned since then, NEVER TAKE SUNLIGHT GRANTED. For years we have been told to cover-up while going out in the sun, or being asked to take umbrella or even to wear uncomfortably large hat, though looked fashionably crazy . We spent what seems to be a lifetime in searching for the perfect sunscreen. But now, I am realizing that little bit of sunshine on your body is actually great for you. (Let’s sing “Give me some sunshine ..” chorus together from 3 Idiots).

Well, I wasn’t singing cheerfully few days back when I had unbearable pain in the bones and the unexplainable weakness. Even I made couple of visits to hospital but to vain. After almost a month suddenly my doctor got a light bulb moment, out of blue she asked did I suggest Vitamin D test to you if not then you should take it. I took the test and Voila, the vitamin D is so low that I would need a dosage of 50,000 units per week.

This deficiency is something we overlook, in fact even few doctors doesn’t think about this immediately, This affects folks who are away from direct sunlight most of the times, and the probability increases even drastically if you are living in places where sunlight is limited only to the core summer time. As a precaution, I would recommend everyone to talk to your physician first and foremost and get Vitamin D levels checked out (rather all vitamin levels).

Isn’t this gives you an additional reason to Plan for a vacation to super sunny tropical place and to hit beautify beaches ? Let’s think about  Miami or key west,  somewhere in the sunshine state.


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