Will YOU be YOUR Valentine?

All too often, we spend Valentine’s Day treating and romancing your valentine, when we really should be pampering the ones we love the most: ourselves.

feb 14
Treat yourself!

February 14 might be the day of love After all, you sparkle just being you. Seriously, sometimes there’s nothing more luxurious than just being with someone and having no plans whatsoever. Pamper and treat yourself with something pleasurable. Wrap yourself in a cozy comforter and Stay in bed all day- Nap, go for a ten minute walk -but only if you feel like it., Play low-effort games like “Truth OR Dare?”, Enjoy frappuccino with cinnamon roll at Starbucks, Spend the day binge-watching your favorite show(run out of options ? check this out), Order a pizza with extra toppings(at-least a day don’t worry about calories), a tub of chocolate ice cream to have in the bath, Soak in a bubble bath-like a spa day, Send yourself roses or a fun candy bouquet, Spend time in nature -may be go for a hike , Take yourself on a shopping spree, Take yourself on a date to a fancy restaurant  and the list goes on and on..well, you get the point right ?

And let’s be honest: it makes ME feel great! So show some self-love by celebrating yourself this Valentine’s Day!


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