Pop a Cereal Box …

Once strictly reserved for gym-goers, athletes and slothful weekends these cool over sized (cereal box) Tops labelled as sweatshirt has steam up to become such a nifty and high fashion pioneer piece for both men and women. sweatshirts are totally hot and wearing them over a miniskirt or a pair of leggings made them even hotter.

sweat shirt
Its not a Sweatshirt but a SWEET Shirt 

I was excited to try a sock bun too.It’s definitely an instant way to look super glassy and exquisite in minutes. It may seem a bit puzzled at first but once you get the hang of it you can sport this stylish bagel/donuts (yum love donuts) topknot whenever you want.

I always go with classic heather grey numbers.What’s not to love about a grey sweatshirt with a touch of bling with green scarf just add a mini floral skirt and combat boots to finish your look.

Even though sweatshirt looks like a over-sized cereal box try on this outfit at various urban parties and street walks. It feels comfortable and still looks dazzling, and most days are cool enough for a sweatshirt, I would try this more often for effortless look.

I’ve been waiting for months to get another sweatshirt. I don’t want to wait anymore and neither do you. Girls, don’t wait just race up. Take your keys, Grab your purse, hop to your favorite mall, Try it and buy it..


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