Most Wanted ….

Wow… I am really happy to hear the latest news that my favorite actress Priyanka Chopra would be one of the presenters in upcoming Oscar’s ceremony.  Being a huge fan of PC, I follow and admire majority of her work and it’s quite amazing to witness the raise of her stardom into the international Arena. She is truly a multi-talented actress. Would you even believe that her debut movie is a regional Tamil language movie which is relatively unknown to many? But from that spot she carefully planned and choose roles to be the biggest female celebrity in Bollywood. That itself a great feat right, but looks like she has her goals set way higher than that.


Few might say that this is Academy board’s answer to the controversial discussion going on in social media that there is no diversity. But I am truly delighted and would like to see this as a crown moment for the hard work and never say die attitude of Priyanka Chopra. Filmfare award for Bajirao Mastani, People’s choice award for American TV show Quantico, Padma Shri award from Indian Government, possible Hollywood movie with ‘the Rock’ discussion stage yet and now Oscar presenter along with the likes of Kerry Washington and Reese wither spoon. Looks like Priyanka is undeniably on a dream run here. Keep it going babes, and possibly fetch the Oscar award one day .

In a tweet, she wrote, “Now the hunt for the perfect dress begins!!! #oscars2016.” Don’t worry dear, you will be killing it and now this gives me another reason to catch the Academy awards on Feb 28th 2016. Watch for this Diva, and let us know how you like her dress … I am already rooting for her to ROCK IT.






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