Making a Slacker…

When it comes to weekend, I am a big fan of sitting idle, snacking meals, sipping soda and non-stop staring at TV kind of guy. Oh wait, we have a fancy name for it, that’s is called binge-watching. And yes, I am a binge watcher (cool name indeed). Having done a movie marathon of Scream series, Halloween franchise and spent numerous hours on Lost, Dexter and Game of Thrones, I am no stranger to this continuous watching madness, but never in million years I would have imagined myself hooked up to a DOCUMENTARY series….

Survival Saturday … Popcorn, Coffee and Netflix 

I admit, any day I would prefer a slasher/horror movie or even a light-hearted comedy but rarely a documentary. This was a pure accident happened when I was just mindlessly browsing the Netflix on one Saturday morning- already scrolled the entire page twice and on my third round again chanced upon ‘Making a Murder’ in the trending section. Now I am little curios to see what this is all about. Clicked on the short summary and read that it’s about a real life –thriller filmed over 10 years – oh, yeah now I am intrigued.

It starts in very happy mode, with Steven getting out of jail after 18 years being falsely accused. Happiness all around, smiling faces, tight hugs but as the show goes on it steadily unravels lot of interesting events and questionable evidences and finally ends up Stephen Avery being convicted. Even hours after the watch is complete, Just like myself it would have left millions of other watchers lot of lingering open questions – is he a gruesome killer or a victimized innocent. While a lot being discussed online one way or other, thousands signing petitions, while few even go to an extend of protesting near the court – this is definitely a show not-to-miss.

Well, I don’t think the discussions around Steven Avery is going to stop any time soon. There might be more shocking news revealed, more interviews taken, more discussions held but will the truth be ever revealed? . Not sure, nothing is pure good or bad anymore and we are living in a world of many shades of GREY.

Credits: Bajju


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