Care free High 5

Yes, Santa Claus and sunscreen typically don’t mix. But buying summer clothes in the winter (and winter clothes in the summer) can save you a lot of money.

For me Summer means sun, sandals and sleeveless! It radiates great comfort and ease. I would love to live in them. With the temperature rising and those layers of winter clothes starting to come off Sleeveless Shirt Season is upon us! From arm-baring tops to strapless or sleeveless tops this time of year can make many women grimace.

Imagine, spending this summer consistently covering up arms because we were ashamed to show that part of our body,now is a great time to start working on being ready for summer. Yep, I’m talking about going sleeveless. It’s a great big deal for a lot of women.

Dark underarms is a very common problem.I doubt if there ever lived a woman who is happy with the way her underarms look. True enough, we women put too much effort in trying to get our underarms to be flawless and attractive.Being cautious every time means so much sacrifice of freedom.You cannot raise your hands even if you dare to wear a sleeveless top!

I started to question myself 1000 times a day do celebrities and models have gifted underarms how can it be so flawless ?

We naturally cannot do so until our underarms are free of hair, and so we get the hair removed. At some point I started noticing people’s underarms, specifically, other women’s underarms, which were hairless and also looked notably nicer because they just looked like bare skin and not the five o’clock shadow underarm that many razor-using women sport.

our underarms may have gone dark due to some of our very own mistakes including shaving or using chemical laden hair removing creams and deodorants. so let’s not leave them dark anymore.

Shaving is a personal choice. I shaved my underarms every other day however hair grows back so fast and thick. Shaving made my underarm area darker than ever. Since hair is not removed from the root.The results usually last less than 24 hours. Its so annoying.

Hair removal creams, gels, and liquids These creams literally irritated my skin. I tend to have a sensitive skin the chemicals in those creams caused rashes, burns to me.It ruined my dream of wearing a sleeveless again. Its a fuss.

Waxing am so relieved it really worked and my armpits are stubble-free. but it can’t be done at home. Spa is very expensive to afford every single week. So i have to bail on waxing even-though it helps.

Epilators have ouch factor to it. If you feel you must remain hair-free on a daily basis, instead of shaving the hair invest in an epilator. It is very painful at first and my armpit becomes pretty numb to the pain.if you remove hair when it is still very small, and if you do so every few days,Your underarms will remain hair-free and clean.

Gem of all Gems

Epilators are cute little electric razor looking device with rotating tweezers-like discs is actually awesome.The tiny discs rotate and grab your hair like tweezers, except there are a lot of discs, so it’s like 20 tweezers at once. As long as you pull your skin taut, it won’t get caught in the discs,Just holding arm up in the hair seems to do the trick, and I’ve never once had my skin caught.Subsequent uses are even less painful because you get used to it, and there is less hair.

Now I no longer shave my armpits (ever), and use the epilator no more than once a week to get the few hairs that have grown (which also appear lighter and thinner since they aren’t hacked off the way shaving your underarms does).

Have you ever tried epilator ? Yes, It sucks but it works…

The results? Smooth, smooth like a baby skin smooth.


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