My Nosey Noisey Nose


Nose ring is visual treat and I like the way it looks. Nose is one place where the transition can be sensed visibly. Decorating the nose to enhance your appearance is not wrong at all of-course it is everybody’s personal choice. It is not necessary to get your nose pierced as there are some amazing nose rings which can be easily clipped onto the side of the nostrils.

Even our very own Kendall Jenner Rocks a Gigantic Nose Ring at Coachella last year and created a very powerful statement by all means.

Let’s think outside the box ; Nose rings, which have symbolic meaning in Indian culture, are gaining popularity in other areas of the world as well. Strictly no strings attached to it in terms of culture, beliefs and traditions. You’ll Regret it sometime later when you are old If You Haven’t tried it now. It looks good when you feel good. If that doesn’t look good that’s OK at least you experimented and have a story to share.

Sometimes a nose ring isn’t just a statement of individuality, but also a statement of belonging. It’s a sign of an artistic movement just the same way that fashion,make up, clothing and haircuts can be. I like both rings and hoops. They do have a slightly rebellious appeal, but this type of piercing can also look cute, especially when the hoops are very thin and delicate.

Sparkling nose ornament make a woman appealing, sexy and beautiful and help to enhance the seductive charm.

By now if you are also fascinated by the charm of nose rings go ahead and create a little mystery !!!


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