Cuddling Legs…

cinnamon mirrors
Long Live Leggings!!

Lovelies, winter is here and it’s cold and freezing outside. At this time of year, I bet, warm Leggings are great asset in any chic’s wardrobe. I don’t think there is a more cozy piece of clothing than a pair of legging. They’re comfortable,slimming, sexy and more playful.

There are few tried and tested garments to combine leggings with like Long cardigans, Knit, Sweater and Short dresses, Tunics, Long knitted and Big wide sweaters and the list goes on and on. But personally I’d prefer to wear leggings with a Mini skirt and pair it with combat boots.oh girl, nothing is going to change my love for combat boots.

Mini skirts are fun fashion items that never really fade out of style. Leggings and combat boots can make a miniskirt more versatile and sporty. This deadly combo till date , is one of my favorite that will always stand out.

Anyone can rock a mini skirt as long as they pay attention to the accessories they pair it with.

Go ahead and create your own style quotient and Steal hearts !!!

Long live leggings !!!!


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