Fashion trends are ever-changing yet styling differs from person to person. As a recent trend, I have seen an increasing interest in sporting bindi among celebrities like Selena Gomez, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Alicia Keys and Madonna. While these divas rocking bindi, I can clearly see that bindi is no longer confined to India, it has already traveled across borders and became a global accessory. 

I being an Indian cannot keep myself away from bindi. I might style bindi in a certain way, but honestly one has to be sure and confident about the right color, size and perfect garment.  Bindis are available in a wide assortment and can be worn according to an occasion, the theme of the party or your mood. It need not necessarily be associated with sarees or chudidhar. There is no right or wrong way to wear it. It’s all about how you carry it.  

I often team bindi with long skirts and t-shirts sometimes with jeans and shorts too. So if you want to make a fashion statement, try bindis with Western wear, but be creative when it comes to designing them.It looks exotic and trendy. This will add a touch of modernity by giving a chic style.

If you haven’t tried it go ahead and create magic with your favorite attire and See heads turn! ..

Let me know your thoughts on how it goes..


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